a work in progress

I am one of two cofounders of Converge, a startup we founded in 2014 to use physical data from construction sites to close the $1.6T productivity deficit in the industry. In my capacity as CTO I work a lot in both embedded systems and also complex event processing, ML, and cloud-based software development. Unfortunately I do not spend as much of my time programming as I would like these days, but I have been at it since I was a small child, starting with Python and butchering DOS games. These days I have a strong interest in functional programming (it appeals to the mathematician in me), as well as stream processing and distributed systems. I am also increasingly diving into statistics, specifically machine learning as we introduce more intelligence into our platform.

Before founding Converge, I was a star-fancier-in-training at King's College, Cambridge, where I read Natural Sciences, followed by an MSci in Astrophysics.

In the small amount of life one is allowed outside one's startup, I am very interested (and dismayed) by the effect of corporate and state surveillance on society, as well as the effects of the internet on shaping human preferences.