a work in progress

I am one of two cofounders of Converge, where we are working to close the $1.6T productivity deficit in the construction industry by using physical data from wireless sensor networks to feed a data model of the construction process. Before that I was a star-fancier-in-training at King's College, Cambridge, where I read Natural Sciences, followed by an MSci in Astrophysics.

I have programmed for most of my life, starting with butchering DOS games and writing python as a ten-year-old. Now I have a strong interest in functional programming, and elegant (but never clever) code. I 💖 Javascript (although sometimes it makes me 🙄), but am now getting increasingly into Rust and Lisps (e.g. clojure). I like using Python whenever I need to analyse some data. Oh, and I use vim, for everything.

I am a scientific sceptic, and a classical liberal with left-leanings.