a work in progress

I am one of two cofounders of Converge, a startup we founded in late 2014 to build a physical intelligence layer for the construction industry in order to address the glaring efficiency and sustainability problems in what I would argue is one of the world’s most fundamental industries. As CTO I lead the technical functions in the business and spend most of my time on technical architecture and vision.

Before founding Converge, I was a star-fancier-in-training at King’s College, Cambridge, where I read Natural Sciences, followed by an MSci in Astrophysics in which I completed my thesis on the temperature bounds on x-ray jets in the solar atmosphere.

I have been programming for most of my life, and have picked up a nice handful of languages along the way, some of which I have really enjoyed (Haskell, Clojure, Javascript) and some of which I really have not (most especially Golang and Java). I have very strong views on programming, some of which you might find on this site, and, these days, write almost everything in Haskell. I also use arch, btw.

keyboard with archlinux slate

My core interests are in architecture and the built environment (especially the construction of future environments and how such environments influence the social structures that develop); the intersection of human rights and cyberspace; and inducing social change to tackle large-scale human problems like climate change (as a counterpoint to techno-optimism/fatalism).

You can see my projects either on sourcehut or github (I can’t make my mind up, but am transitioning away from github very slowly), and you can talk to me by emailing gideon [at] gtf [dot] io.